Thursday, November 03, 2005

A day in the wilderness

Last night I popped into Las Parras Tours again and hired myself a bicycle for today. Then I met with Andi and Olga for tapas, which were very yummy, as was the vino (I think Californian) and the aƱejo tequila we finished the evening with - this one had been aged in barrels that made it taste of whiskey. My bicycle was delivered at 10pm and I instantly named her Nelly. So this morning I was up with the sun at 6am and set off with my rucksack filled with various spares I had been donated and a picnic lunch. I cycled down Panamerican Highway 1 and took the turning to Primer Agua. The side road was just a dirt road so it took quite some concentration not to fall off as I went over the bigger boulders in the road. It was a magnificent morning, and pleasantly cool. I spotted so many birds - mostly doves and vultures but also teeny tiny thingies and lots of small ground squirrels. Just as I was beginning to think I was on a wild goose chase I came across the oasis in the middle of the spiney forest - there was a whole grove of palm trees, those these were fenced off. A bit further along I actually cycled through the water, past pink oleander and more palms. There just seemed to be a couple of 'houses' and at the end of the road lots of turkey vultures taking a drink. I found myself I nice bit of canyon to sit in, in the shade and while away the day, finishing off Genius, which was a brillaint read, and starting on a detective novel written about Oxford by an Argentinian. Most intruiging. I had prepared myself some a cheese sandwich and a Nutela sandwich (at last opening the Nutela I bought in La Manzanilla!). The creation of the cheese sarnies was highly amusing as in the supermarket I had the choice between either enough cheese to feed a small army or individually wrapped cheese slices. I chose the latter not wishing to deny any small armies of their cheese supply. But there were no instructions on how to open the slices!! Now I might have a PhD but getting into them was nearly beyond me! I struggled and sturggled and just when I thought I should give up ah ha! I managed it! Though by the time I had stuck my mouth together with the first mouthful I wished I hadn't - there is a very good reason why I have never had to open a cheese slice before!!! About 3pm I started back, as the heat was starting to recede and I knew it would be dark by 5.30. I got back to my room and warded off the local cats, I think simply by my odour and swiftly showered before returning Nelly - a trusty steed but with rather an unpadded saddle and with the quirk that the seat post only had the one position so that I was constantly cycling with my knees around my elbows!!!!

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laughing magpie said...

Nice Bike! Rough Road! Long Legs! Sore Bum!

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