Monday, April 10, 2006

Mason Mayci

A few weeks ago I found a new boulongerie in Kings Heath: Mason Mayci. The exterior of the shop is simply painted in cream gloss and there are tempting jars of cookies in the window. But once inside there is a cabinet full of tiny patisseries! My first visit was while I was waiting for the finishing touches to be put to my new bicycle but on Saturday I went back to buy a few cakies to take home. So I ended up with the selection above. All of which were devine - a caramel mousse on a rich dark cakey base, a coffee cream enrobed in chocolate on a crisp pastry case, a beautifully smooth custard studded with tart raspberries and a wonderfully balanced lemon tart! Magnificent and all four for only £2!!!!!! What a bargin! The shop seems to be run by a real Frenchman, unless he can put on an extremely good accent over many days!! Judging by the busy interior this place has already become a success - long may it stay that way!


Zabeena said...

Miam, miam! As they apparently say in France...
Must find that place! Only £2! You must be joking!
Glad you've got a new bike. Loved that tree picture, too.

Daffy said...

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