Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My EBBP parcel has arrived

The weather has turned cold and gloomy over the past week but I have something very special - a parcel from Meeta at whats for lunch honey filled with tempting autumny smells wrapped up in beautiful little packets. Inside I found all the wonderful tasty treats I associate with the German Christmas market that comes here in December - chocolate and hazelnut spiced honey breads, little marzipany chocolatey domino dice, chocolate butter cookies, ferraro chocolate kisses and stollen, which is a favourite of mine! Fabulous and now I shall have to slink off for a cup of tea and a wonderful mouthful!


thepassionatecook said...

just what you need when the weather is this dreadful... cuddle up on th sofa and indulge in tea and chocolatey treats! thanks for taking part!

LiL MoVe a LoT said...

wow, lovely and it's great to have christmas arriving early! :)

lil (from ifantabulous)

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