Thursday, May 31, 2007

Goat's cheese cannelloni

When I went to the supermarket on Tuesday night they didn't have any ricotta and as I was due to make spinach and ricotta cannelloni for Gloria on Wednesday I had a swift think - what was most like ricotta? With a pot of cottage cheese already in hand I suddenly spotted the soft goat's cheese and thought with a little marscapone that would make a delicious substitute. It did indeed and it was so good we ate it all before I thought of taking in a picture!!!

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Joanna said...

Lateral thinking - that's one of the things I like best about cooking ... I have often used plain cottage cheese as a substitute for ricotta, because, clearly, mascarpone is off-limits for us, and we like to keep our "allowance" full fat cheese to eat, rather than cook with. It's fine, so long as you flavour it well.

Hope you're well - will you be coming to the picnic at Henley regatta?


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