Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time lapse at Stallheim

Here are a couple of videos of the time lapse piccies we took first overnight and then over breakfast out of out bedroom window at the Stalheim with Dougal's very cool bit of kit!


Joanna said...

Hi ... glad to see you're still blogging every so often ...

LOVE the time lapse - what is the cool piece of kit called, please? And how does it work? Will an idiot like me be able to work it, that's what I really mean!


laughing snail said...

Hi Joanna
Yes still blogging away, just a bit less now that I am rushed off my feet with a new house and job.

The cool piece of kit was a Canon Remote Controller - TC-80N3 - Time Shutter Release for EOS 10D / 20D / 30D / 5D / 1D(S) MKII, which you could get from 7dayshop.com. You'll need to have one of the digital EOS cameras above to make it work too. I also am trying out my wedbcam as that should work too and doesn't need a camera but then I need something that I can take from my spare room window!.

The images were taken every two minutes on the first movie and every minute on the second. The exposure was set by the camera and once focussed I put the focussing on to manual so that the camera didn't try to focus in the middle of the night when it was really dark. Really easy to use!!!


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