Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cycling video

At the beginning of February I packed up my bike, Whistler, and headed for London and then on to a plane head for Vietnam. There, luckily Whistler arrived in one piece and I met up with a great crowd of folk for a cycling holiday that would take us from Saigon (Ho Chi Min City) through the Mekong delta and then up to Cambodia and from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, finishing with the spectacular temples that include Angkor Wat. This video is made up of sereval clips I took whilst cycling. The first three are from Vietnam and then we head into Cambodia, first along some busy roads out of the capital and then along more rural roads and finally through the South and North gates of Angkor Thom. The sound is just what I picked up a dn rather than put a tune over it I decided that just the vague clips of the bike and the strains of music as we came past a festival were more atmospheric.


ejm said...

That is fantastic. I'm so glad that you left the sound as you heard it. I'm amazed at how empty some of the roads were!

What a great adventure.


P.S. I've done a fair amount of cycling through France on my own bike and a tiny bit in India on a rented bike - the shots you took of the town areas reminded me of India - but traffic doesn't look nearly as frantic in Vietnam and Cambodia, or is that just an illusion? (found you because of Bread Baking Day #07)

laughing snail said...

Hi Elizabeth
So glad you like the video! It was a bit like India, though I have never cycled there and have only been to Assam so I'm not sure if its like the rest of India. The traffic was varied, in rural areas it was mostly motorbikes and bicycles though near the towns it was as busy as here in Birmingham!
Loved your green onion flatbreads, something else for me to try :)

laughing geo said...

thought that was a lovely video, gives a great feel for what you were riding through, fabulous - how did you mount the camera whilst cycling or is it all handheld - have you got a special "bikecam" ;-)

laughing snail said...

No fancy equipment - 'bikecam' is just me hand holding my little digie whilst trying not to cycle into anyone else :)

ejm said...

Traffic in India (or at least where we rented bicycles) was quite varied. We had bikes in Allahabad and Allahabad itself was a little bit nightmarish especially in one section with cars, cows, camels, bikes, rickshaws and pedestrians all crowding everywhere and every which way on the road but in the countryside outside of the city, the road was fabulously untrafficked. However, this was some time ago (almost 20 years) so things may be quite different there now.


P.S. My bike whistles in the wind too - but only when there is a stiff crosswind. It drove me absolutely mad trying to find what caused it. (Took about 5 years....)

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