Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Opening night

I have been patiently waiting for my pitcher plant to open - its taken two weeks of shooting on the time lapse to capture it and the movie last just 60hours in the end, which I suppose is actually quite a long time for the lid to pop open! The images are taken 30minutes apart and the music is Solito de Charango from Cesar Palacios.


Joanna said...

That is FABULOUS - how do you do it????


laughing snail said...

Hi Joanna
I have an automatic shutter release for my digital camera which I can set at any time interval, really simple if you have the kit. But it has meant for the last two weeks that I haven't been able to use the kitchen table :)

laughing geo said...

oh wow - how cool is that - great choice of music too - brilliant, like that one ;~) v clever! you must have taken hundreds of photos - bet you're glad to have the kitchen table back!! v nice idea, well done

laughing magpie said...

Oh! Very clever.
Is that 'Altiplano' in the background?

laughing snail said...

yes, its altiplano :)

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