Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bryan Adams at the NEC

Yesterday Wampe came up to meet me after work and we went to see Bryan Adams at the NEC - we got there early as our tickets were lost in the post so caught the warm-up act: Keith Urban who was brilliant - quite big in the US already. But Bryan was a real pro - I have never seen the entire audience (capacity ~ 12 to 15, 000) stand up en masse! We had lots of music from the new album Room Service mixed in with those fab tunes you don't even realize you know the words to until you start singing along!

While I am prattling away about music I can't recommend enough Juliet Turner - Susan introduced me to Burn the Black Suit about six months ago and now I have all three albums! If you don't know her songs - go and check her out - there are snippets on the website.
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