Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Elderflower Gin

elderflower gin Posted by Hello

Inspired by my Holmegaard decanter, which came with instructions for amateur spirit makers, I decided to make some elderflower gin. The tree at the bottom of the garden didn't yield enough inflorescences so I took Toulouse down the canal and collected about 250ml of flower heads. This is a bit of a vague measurement but its as many as I could squeeze into a 250ml Tupperware pot! At home I debugged and then put them into a 1 litre Kilner jar with 700ml gin. As recommended by the booklet I left them infusing for three days and then strained through muslin. It was rather a pretty green colour to start with but by the end of the three days it had mellowed into a rich yellow. Its quite dry and tasty too, if you like elderflower cordial it'll be right up your street.


EMF said...

Hi, I know that this entry is a year old now, but it's elderflower season again: I was wondering if you would recommend making elderflower gin? Did you drink it, or was it one of those things that just gets left at teh back of a cupboard?

laughing snail said...

Glad to see you made some gin anyway! I use it occasionally as its a bit dry for me but is really good with lemonade I'm told!

peach said...

Hi. Not sure if you can remember, but how long did the gin last for, as in how many months was it still good to consume for, not how quickly did you drink it! I am keen to make some, but do not wantit to turn bad too quickly.

laughing snail said...

Hi peach
I think I had it for about 6months or so before it was all finished and it was fine during that time. Just keep in it the dark and it'll be better for longer

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