Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blog Party#18: Black & White

Over at Dispensing Happiness the Happy Sorceress is having a party in black and white! Its the first time I have joined in but any excuse for a cocktail on a Sunday afternoon with something to nibble on too. I took the theme on a tangent and decided that using my white currant gin to make a white currant martini and some Blacksticks cheese to make some cheesy bites would be great. I actually rang my Dad for inspiration from his Savoy Cocktail book and was very tempted with a white cargo cocktail (1 part gin to 1 part ice cream) but decided I needed something a bit less after dinner. The matrini was 1 part white currant gin (500g white currants with 250g sugar and 700ml gin in a jar for at least a month) and 1 part vermouth shaken with a little ice and then garnished with a strip of lemon peel. The Blacksticks cheese and Cranberry bites recipe was taken from the Blacksticks website - and very tasty they were too. The blue cheese foiled the slightly sweet martini perfectly! Happy partying!!

1 comment:

Elle said...

Great to see you at the party. Wish I were in England where Blackstick cheese is sold. The little pastry packets with the cheese and cranberries sounds delicious. Love your photo, too. Hope to see you at next month's blog party.

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