Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This morning I walked to work in that golden winter light that belies that its absolutely freezing, the cold gently snapping at my face thinking of Siberia. This may sound a little odd but last night I finished the second book about traveling in Siberia in as many months. The first was by the ever brilliant Dervla Murphy - in Siberia by Accident, which returned to the captivating writing I remember from the first of her books. It may be that it was my frame of mind that had returned but it made me feel inspired to get out into the wilds! The second, last night's finisher, was Paul Grogan's Barbed Wire and Babushkas. He tells the tale of traveling down the Amur river from source to sea with friend Richard in a most amusing manner. So this morning it only seems fitting that I started on my last of the Siberian stock - Dervla Murphy's Silverland. I can hardly wait to get stuck into it (I only managed the first two pages on the train). The stories from Siberia remind me of the kindness of strangers and I encourage everyone to read them!!

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