Saturday, September 10, 2011

More nodes

So I might be getting married today but I also got the joy of opening up the kiln! Above are the little beach huts I made for Liz - I think they're super cute! And then below we have some things I am trying out for the Christmas fair I am doing with Helen in November and the latest additions to the Earth Network.

 Love & Happiness pebbles

#6 Fleur de lys ring/trinket and New Orleans earth

# 4 Elephant brooch and Guildford earth and chalk (which is a great effect)

#3 USB port and Long Bennington earth

#5 Flower charm and Britsol earth.


The undomesticated scientist said...

Surely you should be in hair and make up by now! See you later with my grubby kids. X

Naomi said...

Mel stop blogging pretty things and go get married! I'm getting all tarted up whilst singing the Guillemots. It sounds fab. Can't wait to sing it for you later! Naomi x

laughing snail said...

All ready to go now! Really looking forward to hearing it too! Hope you like the pic of your node Naomi I'll bring it over when we get back

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