Monday, July 18, 2005

Has anyone seen the teatowel?

What a fabulous weekend! I have been creating in the kitchen - summer pudding for Sarah's BBQ and ginger sorbet too! Consequently there's been lots of washing up and I kept mislaying the teatowel on my meanderings through the house!

summer pudding Posted by Picasa

Summer pudding:
This is based on Delia's recipe but I substituted homegrown strawberries and white currants for raspberries and redcurrants.

I gently stewed 600g soft fruit with 200g caster sugar, lined a bowl with white bread (crusts cut off) and then ladled the juicy fruit into the middle, sealed it in with more fruit and put it in the fridge with several jars on top to way it down. To serve I turned the 'bombe' out and put a bowl of half fat creme fraiche with vanilla on the table too!

ginger sorbet Posted by Picasa

Ginger sorbet:
This couldn't have been easier! I mixed together 450ml apple juice, 6tablespoons ginger syrup from a jar of stem ginger, one piece of stem ginger cut into julienne strips and grated in about 1cm fresh ginger (well it was in the freezer, which makes it easier to grate). Then it all went into the icecream maker and into the freezer. Its very yummy - with a slight kick. Very refreshing!

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