Monday, July 04, 2005

Travels with Toulouse (Oxford)

toulouse reaches oxford! Posted by Picasa

In preparation for a wee cycling trip later in the year, and also to fulfill a little dream, yesterday I took once more to the saddle and peddled my merry way all the way to Oxford. On getting up I looked out my window and thought it looked a little damp. So armed with waterproofs and lots of food and water I set off to Solihull. I wasn't to be taking this trip alone - it was an event organised by Bike Events. At the crack of 8 o'clock the starting tape was dropped and away we peddled - there were about 20 of us but the start was open for about 2hours and they were expecting about 450 riders. The going was good and I took banana breaks after 25 and 40 miles. Luckily the banana fuel had kicked in as Paul fell past about mile 52 and I didn't look too disheveled! I flew into Oxford about 1.30, excited by the finish and also bowled along by all the other riders speeding through Oxford. I was intrigued by the mainly male field - I must have seen about 8 women cyclists all day! Some stats: total distance 68miles (+ 8 to and from the start and finish) and max speed 32miles per hour (slowest not recorded but I was crawling up the bigger hills about 6mph). All in all it was fabulous - and as the saying goes - you can always tell a happy cyclist by the flies on her teeth! This morning the muscles are all working but the sun burn is a little sore, as after all it was sunny all day.

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