Sunday, August 07, 2005


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Sunday morning - the sun is up and the neighbourhood is quiet before the kids and dogs get up. So I have been for a run down the canal, I came across a whole running club sprinting and walking but, with great excitement, I have found that the brambles are ready for picking! I went back armed with long trousers and a box to fill with the fabulous shiny black fruit, I was soon back at the house leafing through my cookery books again. I had some apples from last years crop in the freezer still so I made an apple and bramble compote - very yummy, and also tried out my new purchase - Nigella's How to be a Domestic Goddess, making bramble and orange muffins (after raspberry and lemon muffins).

fennel fritters Posted by Picasa

And to continue on in a cookery mode I have just made fennel flower fritters - I simply dipped the inflorescences in a beery tempura batter and shallow fried, dusted with icing sugar and ate whilst still hot and crispy! Yummy!

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