Monday, August 01, 2005

Gloria is 60!

white horse inn, misson Posted by Picasa

On Friday Gloria was 60! So Sarah, Juul and I drove up to (not so sunny) Donny to celebrate with her and several other friends by going out to the White Horse Inn in Misson for dinner on Saturday night. The restaurant looked like a quiet country pub from the outside - white washed with black beams, but inside it was a hive of activity. Gloria had booked a couple of months ago to get a table! We started off sharing mushroom pepperpots and salads, and Bill had a mound of spare ribs. The mushrooms were tasty but rather peppery! Then I had a very delicious roasted asparagus and feta cheese salad, strewn with olives and roasted and sundried tomatoes. But the best was saved til last, Sarah, Juul and I shared a pineapple and ginger cheesecake! Fantastic!! (Really I do eat things other than pudding!!)

And last night Mum and Dad came up to Brum. And before heading back home we all went to Loch Fyne, in Knowle, for tea. How fantastic - the wild dorade with braised fennel was perfect and the cranachan devine, not to mention the unoaked chardonnay from Carmen vineyards in the Maipo valley, Chile!

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violet said...

awe. nothing wrong with eating lots of puds. they feel nice in your stomach!

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