Wednesday, January 25, 2006


On Saturday I made a trip to my post office to pick up a large box the was exuding a delicious smell. This was my EBBP parcel all the way from Italy - sent by Ivano of Adventure Chef ! The beautiful scent was coming from all the little packets inside - particularly the branch of bay leaves and the nutmegs, cloves and cinnamon sticks. Alongside these were ingredients for two dishes - zuppa di ceci e castagne (chickpea and chesnut soup) and biscotti contro l'amarezza di Hildegard von Bingen (biscuits against the bitterness of Hildegard von Bingen). Both of which sound wonderful and though I don't know what the bitterness of Hildegard von Bingen is, I shall have to do a little research. So the other ingredients for these recipes were: dried chickpeas, dried chesnuts, sliced dried onions and garlic, UHT cream, extra virgin olive oil, spelt flour, and brown sugar. And to add another lovely comforting element was a bag of comforting tea with a beautiful little wooden spoon. Thanks to Johanna of the passionate cook the passionate cook for organising EBBP and thanks to Ivano - I'll be cooking soon!

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