Monday, January 16, 2006

A weekend with Wampe

Well after the unpleasant end to last week I went off to see Wampe for the weekend and what a fab weekend we had! First we actually made it to Hay-on-Wye - after the slightly aborted trip in September. Just as I parked the car the sunshine came out, which was brilliant as we pottered up and down the small lanes poking around in the myriad bookshops. I even found a copy of Mrs Beeton's Everyday Cookery which was the only thing on my list to buy! Lunch, homemade mushroom soup and goats cheese and pepper pannini, at Simpson's Cafe was delicious. We also bought some Welsh Cakes - who could resist as we were practically in Wales - which, tried out later on at home, were fantastic too - very lemony with delightfully squidgy rasins. We were very lucky to depart without bankrupting ourselves in the various shops!!

On Saturday night we went to see Memoirs of a Geisha, at the new Stroud cinema complex which opened not so long ago. A far better place to visit than trekking to Gloucester to sit in the smelly old cinema there! The film was absolutely stunning. I have never heard such a quiet cinema theatre - at the end there was an sub-audible wow from all the viewers! Brilliant!!

And then yesterday, after our customary lengthy breakfast, we cooked olieballen - the Dutch new year speciallity. Yummy yummy yummy!! I have a wee movie which is quite amusing so when I am technologically adept at posting it - it will be here!

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Zabeena said...

Ah, I think we need the recipe for olieballen! (I already know that they don't fit into a diet plan, but never mind about that... the next New Year is a long way away!)
Great that you had such a good time in Hay! I keep promising myself to go... but probably a good thing that I don't get round to it... too many tempting books and we've already run out of shelf space...

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