Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Veggie haggis

Last night was a night of firsts - my first go at lead climbing (omg that was scary) and first time for my friends the climbers to eat haggis! Denise and John braved the vegetarian haggis I had hunted down at the weekend and seemed to enjoy their haggis, neeps and tatties (turnips, well actually swede, and potatoes). This strange meal is traditional for a Burns supper - its Burns night on the 25th January.
We actually had two different types of haggis one from Simon Howie's Haggis Company (purchased at Sainsbury's, on the right above) and the other from Macsween of Edingurgh (purchased from Waitrose, on the left above). Both, as I mentioned above were of the vegie variety as I didn't really fancy lamb's lung etc. They both were exceedingly tasty and filled with oatmeal, kidney beans, lentils, carrots, swede or turnip, mushrooms and onions. But the Howie's also contained leeks and red pepper chickpeas and barley, whereas the Macsween had extra nuts (peanuts, almonds and walnuts) instead. My favorite was the Macsweens because it wasn't quite as stodgey as the Howie's but J had seconds of the Howie's, so I guess he voted with his stomach!

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Pille said...

I'm partial to MacSween haggis as well, whether it's veggie or the meaty version. Have tried quite a few ones over the last 6.5 years in Scotland, and always end up buying that brand.
I'm glad you enjoyed your haggis, neeps&tatties!

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