Friday, January 06, 2006

MEME: Three tips for losing weight

I have been nominated by Sabine to continue Joanna's Meme on losing those extra pounds put on over Christmas. I have to say that I think I was rather lucky as I went to see Mum and Dad over the holiday period and I think that with Mum's excellent cooking I didn't gain as much as I had before leaving Birmingham. My main problem stemmed from starting a new job and using this as an excuse for not cycling to work. What luxury to take the train everyday! But I never cut down on the extras I eat to get me through the day when cycling! So my first tip has to be do more exercise - for me cycling to and from work (about 12 miles in total) keeps off the extra pounds (I am already back at it). Secondly, I suggest drinking more - water and non-caffeinated beverages that is. This isn't too hard for me as I'm not a fan of tea, coffee or fizzy pop. And I can positively rave about the new limited edition of Twinings fruit infusions - Rhubarab and Blackberry, its simply delicious! But as I don't have a desk job I need to make time to sit down and have a cuppa regularly. And lastly, keep happy - make time to see lots of friends and family, and to do many things together - that way there isn't time for eating chocolate on the sofa!!
I nominate Celia and Lilian to continue the Meme.

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Joanna said...

Such good advice, especially No 3 ... I love the way food bloggers are too sensible to suggest eating onlycabbage for three weeks, or whatever is the latest fad diet!

Best wishes

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