Sunday, October 16, 2005

And so my adeventure begins

I´m here - in Mexico! After travelling for 48h I am nearly at my destination - La Manzanilla (Hotel Posada Tonala) in Jalisco state. My flights went off without a hitch and I landed in Mexico city yesterday at about 6pm. I swiftly made my way over to the Northern bus terminal and bought myself a ticket for Manzanillo, for an overnight bus. I got myself a bottle of water and when my stomach started rumbling I bought a mole verde pasty - a big puff pastry affair with some kind of nut on the outside and a creamy spicy green chicken filling - not bad. I went to catch my bus but it never seemed to arrive. A chap from the bus terminal asked where I was going and he then told me that my bus had already left - no I said its gone early! But then he corrected me - my watch was wrong by an hour!!!! Stress and lots of "NO!"s later Rodrigo calmed me down and got me on to another bus to Guadalajara without having to pay anything! I wish I could say I slept like a baby but sadly not I slept in 30min bursts as it was cold and there was a constant stream of Mexican pop music...... So this morning at 5am I arrived in Guadalajara (and saw my first cockroach ambling along the pavenment) and swapped buses to go to Manzanillo. More pop music and several hours later I arrived in a sweltering coastal city. I had only an hour to wait for the bus to La Manzanilla and read my book (which is the Time Traveller´s Wife, its magic but if I had known it was so sad I would have read soemthing jollier for my first few days!). I went to the bus and asked the driver to tell me when to get off but he says he´s never heard of the place I want to go to! So its with apprehension that I boarded the bus. We headed south. This is a bad sign as I´m pretty sure that I should be going north. I got off after an hour and returned to Manzanillo. I check my details again and find another address and head for there! So now I am in Melaque/San Patricio and I feel like I´m in the right place. The camomile tea is doing a marvellous job and the sun is cracking the pavement as Dr S would say. So, hopefully, more updates later!

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