Saturday, October 01, 2005

EBBP Bread and butter pudding

savory bread and butter pudding Posted by Picasa

I felt totally inspired by my parcel from Lilian so I popped down to the international market for some french cheese - Tomme de Savoie. There was lots going on - giant paellas and tartiflette being cooked, giant meringues for sale just to mention the things I tried. Back home I created a savory bread and butter pudding with Lilian's pear and walnut bread, a savory custard and the tomme. It was just a case of following a recipe for the regular sweet version and baking it for 30min. I thought I had made enough for 2 but I was ravenous and ate the lot! For dessert I had one of the giant meringues from the market with ready made custard. All very yummy.

isle flotante Posted by Picasa

I am still contemplating the many possibilities......
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