Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The party consisted of some very tired folk drinking Dave's very strong margaritas - which were excellent but did make us all rather sleepy! Today I caught the bus from Melaque up to Guadalajara. I had planned on going on to Mazatlan as well but the bus would have got me in at 11pm so I am here for a night. Its a great place! I have had a very merry few hours wandering around the streets and going in and out of the shops. I took a taxi from the bus station into town, the driver was very helpful and half in english half in spanish he told me that the hotel I had selected wasn't in the best of areas so recommended another - which is very pleasant. The other I have just walked past and is in the middle of the market area. There's a very pleasant atmosphere in the centre of town - lots of little stalls selling jewellery and such like, and though they're not quite as keen on icecream as the Chileans I have an ice cream with me here in the internet cafe!

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Zabeena said...

It sounds like a very exciting holiday so far!

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