Monday, October 24, 2005

An end and a beginning

Well another busy few days hasve passed since I last blogged. After my brief session in Barra in the delightfully air-conditioned internet place I joined the others for a really scrummy lunch of fish in garlic sauce. We had ice-creams walking back to the van and then came back to La Manzanilla. Yesterday was a day of great induc}stry. Having learnt many of the techniques required we took kayaks across the bay to another reef for a snrokelling survey of the fish. I was really cold in the water and I was very glad of my shorty wetsuit. There are lots of puffers and damselfish and many more spceies out there. Then in the afternoon we got to do more rubbish surveys - which we now have down to a fine art and whizzed through lots of them. Sadly we didn{t finish all the sites and Paco will have to do some when we have all departed. So last night I was really tired but it was really worth it.
Today has also been an exhausting day - we went to the mangrove this morning and did a bird survey. Have I emtnioned already that this is where the crocodiles live? There american crocks - the biggest is 4m but luckily the crock arm of the study is finished. Paco has showed us some piccies of the tagging of crocks that was done last year- no thanks ! And then this afternoon we have been finishing off the signs for the interpretive trail and setting them in concrete along the path. We had 5 teenagers come and help us which was great - many hands made light work! Even so its been a tough day and though tonight we{re to have a celebratory dinner I´m sure we´ll be early to bed again!
More news: I had planned on going down to the Yucatan to see all the Mayn sites but as the weather has been so bad I shall change my plans and head for Baja California instead!

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