Saturday, October 29, 2005

La Paz by boat

This morning I reached La Paz in Baja California, after an 18h ferry ride!! I spent my last morning in Mazatlan visiting the blink-and-you-missed-it sized archaeology museum and various art galleries - though I didn't buy anthing I was sorely tempted. The boat left at 4 and I had to be there two hours earlier, it took me a while to find the waiting area but when I did I was pleasantly surprised to see not so many people waiting. We boarded and I made friends with the other europeans going to La Paz: Anita and Mirco (from Austria and Sicily) and Monica and Andrea (from Switzerland). They had invested in cabins while I was going to rough it in the Salon! I found my seat - right in front of both the TV and the AC. I stashed my bag with the guard and went to find some air. Overlooking the quay I met Luis and Oscar, a couple of lorry drivers who wanted to practice their english, though this turned into them wanting me to teach them.... beer and tequila were mentioned..... it was time to leave them to it. But Luis had a special nack of finding me, so I cold shouldered him and he eventually got the message and left me alone - phew!
Dinner (and breakfast) was included in the price of the ticket so the five of us ate together - I seemed to come out best with a sort of pork stew but the others had totally unidentifiable and I think fairly unpalitable offerings!! (Needless to say I didn't go back for breakfast) The sun had set as if liquid gold was pouring into the sea and after dinner we marveled at the stars - we could see the milky way and also I spotted a couple of shooting stars! Anita was very amused that they were called 'shooting' stars and not falling!! And then it was bedtime. I retired to my seat but could barely hear myself think and kept getting attacked by a small child with his lorry..... so I walked around the salon and found a quiet corner. There were bodies strewn about - wrapped in blankets and the more enterprising had mattresses too. I was roasting so just used my jumper as a pillow and tried to sleep. Well, as you can imagine it wasn't the most comfortable night of my life but at least they turned the telly off around 10.30pm!!
So upon disembarking I said farewell to Anita and Mirco who were off to los Cabos and got the bus up to La Paz. I walked round to Hotel Lorimar and was so surprised to see Monica and Andrea checking in ahead of me (they had taken a taxi). So I have signed up to go snorkelling tomorrow with the sea lions!! And I think tonight I think a group of us will go out for dinner together! (The clocks change here tomorrow too, so I shall stay 7h behind GB).

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