Monday, October 17, 2005

Coco Ostiones

So I left you yesterday as I was about to get to La Manzanilla - a place nobody was willing to admit existed! Well I hopped in a micro (taxi) and scooted down here and even found the right hotel! Not that they had any idea of who Earthwatch were. So I dumped my bags and headed for the beach and very beautiful it is too. There´s a huge cresent of brown sand and the waves were lapping it and many people were playing in the sea. I pottered about. La Manzanilla is pretty tiny (well compared to Brum anyway) and I think I covered most of the centre in a few minutes. I had spotted Pepes pizza on the way in and although what I really wnated was to sink my teeth into a huge steak I settled for a familiar pizza. It was great and I washed it down with agua fresca - which I thought might just be water but was in fact a pinkish red drink from a big vat with a sweet flavour (no tummy problems). Anyway I slept very well - a full 12h! And this morning I went for a dip in the sea before breaky! Which in itself was interesting as there was nothing at the hotel so I had Ques... and fresh orange at Restaurant Yola. Very tasty too - sort of fried tortilla in little bits with a tomato sauce and cheese. The rest of the day has been spent at Crispins Coco Ostiones. I wandered along the beach for about 20min and found a shelter of palm branches (a basher). So I set myself up and gently wiled away the afternoon. About 3.30 three chaps on bicycles went by and one waved. He came up the beach and said hello and went into the house behind. A few minutes later he came out and we chatted about how I was where I was from the usual questions. Then he offered me a coconut - very yummy in the sunshine! So now its nearly time to meet the guys from Eartwatch. I hope everything goes to plan and now that I have found this place may be I can tell you more of my adventure over the next few days!

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