Monday, August 24, 2009

Evolution August - Sajor Curry of Terrong & Sambal Goreng of shrimps with petebeans

This month the evolution recipe comes from Wampe in Zutphen Holland:

"Here's my contribution to the food evolution...It's indonesian, I hope people will like it.

1) Sajor Curry of Terrong (aubergine) (Cooking time 30 min - 4 pers.)
- 6 small or 2 large aubergine
- 6 potatoes (in small pieces)
- beef stock (1/4 liter)
- Coconut milk (100 ml)
- 1 piece of lemongrass
- 2 limeleaves

Grind the following spices together:
- Grind 10 small onions / 3 large ones
- + 3 garlic + Terassi Powder (1 teaspoon)
- Brown sugar (Tsp), Tamarind (Tsp)
- Piece of Ginger, Kurkuma/Koenjit (Tsp)
- Coriander seeds (2 Tsp)
- Cumin (1 Tsp) + Salt

Peel potatoes & cut in pieces, boil for 10 min. in beefstock + ground lemongrass + limeleaves
Put on the water for the rice
In a wok fry the ground spices, till oil separates. Add this mixture to the stock + potatoes
Meanwhile, peal the aubergine (not necessary is optional) & slice in small pieces. Add to stock mixture.
Add coconut milk and cook till aubergine is ready (never put lid on pan when coconut is added)
After this you start with the next dish.

2) Sambal Goreng of shrimps with petebeans (4 pers.)
- 400 gr. Prawns medium sized
- 2 or 3 red chili's
- 1 slice galingale
- Tamarind juise (concentrated) (1/2 Tsp)
- Same amound of Terassi/Trassi (Shrimp paste)
- Concentrated coconut milk (100 ml)
- about 15 petebeans
- 6 small onions

Grind & mix all the spices together (except the Petebeans), add bit of brown sugar
Heat some oil in wok, fry mixture till oil separates (about 8 min.)
Add Coconut milk + prawns. Add bit of water
Cut Petebeans in pieces and add in mixture
Let the sauce thicken & stir every now and than
The sauce is ready when it is reddish

I hope people will like this. Some ingredients will be hard to get hold of in England, but there are still a lot you can use for the next month."

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hanbury Hall

We had a lovely trip out the this National Trust property near the Jinny Ring.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lampwork bead making

At the weekend I drove up to Enderby and attended Diana East's Introduction to Bead making course - what a lot of fun! I learnt many techniques and made about 20 beads! This picture is just a few of them made into a bracelet.
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