Sunday, July 25, 2010

Black Rock Desert Rocket Launch!

Bliss! For the first time in a week I have had a shower! I have been out in the Black Rock Desert with the rest of the team from HAB laanching rockets with the Rocket Mavericks, NASA and Sony. We had designed an experiment to collect and analyse microbes up in the stratosphere. Unfortunately, despite lots of planning and excitement, the rocket we were on plummeted to the earth without a proper parachute and so our air sample was expelled on impact and our little device was made into a paperweight!! Nevertheless, we have all had a fabulous time - even sneaking into the Fly Geyser and the Frogpond thermal spring for a wash! (the frogs were as big as my size 7 feet!!). We have a few days to go before we head home, hopefully we'll pop into NASA Ames to give a seminar.
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