Sunday, January 20, 2013

Deep sea

Yesterday Nick took charge of Lexi for a few hours and I got on with a little making and creating. First up I added some black colour and cobalt carbonate to some porcelain to try and make a blue-black clay - it looks grey above but hopefully on firing it'll change! So what is it? - its a porthole. Inspired by one of my favourite books 'Mapping the deep' by Robert Kunzig I thought I'd make some 'views' out of a submersible - with jellies (like the one below) and funky looking fish glimpsed. The fish are definitely inspired by a book I picked up in New Orleans French Quarter last Christmas....its taken a little while but there you go! Now to think on how to get the jellies/fish into the portholes, not sure you can get white transfers, may be I need to use pale yellow/turquoise - watch this space!

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