Monday, May 16, 2005

Shimla Choir Interpretation

Its been a busy weekend! Mum and Dad came up to watch the British Masters at the Forest of Arden golf course, we met up after I finished work on Friday and went onto Shimla Pinks for dinner. The restuarant has been in Brum for as long as I have and I can't quite believe that its taken me this long to go! The interesting mix of costumes and wavey pink concrete don't quite make a cosy atmosphere but the cicrular pink leather booth we sat in certainly made it intimate. The food was fabulous - I had paneer ka tikka and then chicken bemisaal with tandori roti, both exceedingly tasty and with a pleasant heat - not too many chillies! Then a pistachio kulfi to round things off. Amazingly they had Casa Silva on the wine list - we visited their vineyard in Chile, we had a very delicious bottle of white - in which Mum and I could definitely taste a bacony aroma!
Saturday night was a big night for City choir - they performed Rachmaninov's The Bells, with words (sung in Russian) from a poem by Edgar Allen Poe. They were excellent, a slight glitch in the middle but otherwise pretty perfect. They also did Poulenc's Gloria and the CBSO played Rachmaninov's rhapsody on Paganini and Arvo Part's cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten (which, sorry choirsters, I have to say was my favorite part of the evening).
Last night I rounded off a superbly toasty day by cooling off in the cinema - I went to see The Interprter - a brillant Sydney Pollack film. I was totally captivated and though Dan (who was being cynical) decided the ending was terribly predicatable, I found it gripping. Its difficult to review without giving away the story - but I definitely put it on a par with Lost in Translation , which I thought was fantastic!

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